What is Pay-Per-Click?

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) is a paid advertising model for those who want to place advertisements for their company on search engines. As with all businesses, online advertisers only want their advert to appear when words relevant to their business and customers, are searched for. With PPC, their advertisement can be placed at the top of the first page of the search results for the keywords they choose.

Firstly, the advertiser submits a bid to the search engine, indicating how much they are willing to pay for their advert to appear in the search results of their chosen word. The amount they suggest is on a ‘per-click’ basis, and they will pay this amount to the search engine every time their advert is clicked.

The search engine takes the bid into account, but also looks at the quality of the advertisement they are wishing to place, to ensure that it is relevant to the chosen search term. They also scrutinise the landing site, the website that the advert will direct to once clicked, to make sure that is also suitable. To further this, they will assess how many times the advert has been clicked by users in the past; if an advert generates a lot of traffic, they know that their users are getting the best results for their search.

Taking these factors into consideration, the search engine will place the advert on first results page of their chosen search term; the ones of the highest quality will be placed at the top.

Although it appears complicated, this is an excellent way of advertising for businesses working on a tight advertising budget, as the search engines champion advertisements which are most relevant to the search term, as their priority is to provide the best service to the user. PPC advertising therefore is as much about choosing the appropriate search terms to advertise your company under, and the quality of your site, as it is about the amount of money you bid.

Where SEO first page rankings can take time, PPC can deliver instant first page results within hours. An effective account manager will ensure this, by bidding on the right keywords and optimising your adverts accordingly; achieving maximum exposure for your budget. Using the latest search engine innovations, constant ongoing optimisation ensures your ads are only shown to the right people, increasing website conversions and an enhanced Return On Investment (ROI).

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