Using Analytics New AdWords Beta to Find Exact Search Phrases

The recent release of the AdWords beta tab in Google Analytics is a long overdue and welcomed addition to the search engine marketers arsenal. Features such as day parts and the ability to cross analyse keys metrics is now far easier than before. My personal favourite being CTR vs bounce rate.

Accessing the keyword data relating to the exact search phrase has always been a problem, as AdWords only shows you the keyword in your account that triggered the search. Unless you use advanced filter Google Analytics hacks or slave over pages and pages of Search Query Reports, knowing the exact search terms referrals from the search engines was never known. Through Google analytics new AdWords Beta though, there is a new more accurate and convenient way of tracking those elusive terms.

From the AdWords beta tab select campaigns. In the first drop down select Keyword, then from the second metric select Matched Search Query. Now we can see the account triggered keyword and the exact search term side by side. Great for spotting new negative keywords or discovering new opportunities from search terms coming from broad or phrase match keywords.

The example above  is taken from an account with full ppc referrer analytics filters applied. As we can see from the first search term, ‘funky mirror’ is missing the bracketed search term but a matched search query is displayed. This shows the inconsistencies in advanced filters not capturing all the data, unlike this new facility.

Search Query Reports and advanced filters provide some great data. Where filters can be inconsistent and SQR’s a lack of interaction and an intense csv induced overload of information and data nightmare, especially in any medium or large account. This feature makes a far more consistent and coherent on screen approach to exact search term analysis.